Dynamix Boxing Description – Crossfit Dynamix

Dynamix Boxing Description

Dynamix Boxing Description

Dynamix Boxing’s family is here to help you achieve your fitness goals! With its unique blend of combat & Crossfit style conditioning, it will push you to your limits!! Our knowledgeable coaches will teach you the art’s of Boxing & Kickboxing and have you achieving things you never thought possible. 

Fight for your Fitness
Be a Champion of Life.

Class Description

The Morning Movement: Starting your day with what your body needs. With a strong focus on Mobility, Muscle Activation and just enough conditioning to get the heart going, you’ll leave this class fresh and empowered to take on the day.
Mobility: Show your body some love. Our aim is to increase range of motion, joint strength and injury prevention with a surprisingly challenging 30 minute class.
HIIT & Circuit training: An explosive 30 minute burn!! Get pushed to your limits with some High Intensity Interval Training or build conditioning with Circuit Training.
Boxing Conditioning: Beat the stress of the day away!! Increase your cardio and power with hard rounds of bag work & conditioning. 
Striking: A blend of kickboxing, boxing and karate. Whether it’s to learn a new skill, or train to fight, this class will give you the training necessary to accomplish your goals.
Striking Fundamentals: The fundamentals are the most important building blocks of any skill you learn. This class will teach you to refine and master these techniques.

Our facility features:

  • • 6 Hanging Heavy Bags
  • • Speed bag
  • • Free weights & Kettlebells
  • • Agility ladders
  • • Various Focus mitts & Thai Pads
  • • Matted Floors & Walls
  • • Boxing gloves and wraps
  • • Full length mirrors
  • • Sex Offender Evaluation and Treatment